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What Your Dog Wants From You.

Dogs ability to communicate their intentions to us may be the reason why human beings have kept them as close friends for a long time. A pet dog will give you the companionship you need at home and reduce loneliness even if the house is only shared by only you and the pet. Every dog loves its owner but one can improve the bond by improving the relationships they have with their pet dogs. It is challenging to train your dog into fully trusting you but the following simple ideas will make the process of strengthening relationships easier.

Attention is one of the key pillars of improving the relationship between you and your dog. A dog will feel rejected if the owner they consider as their best friend never show any attention to them. When spending time indoors, you can keep the book you are reading down for some time and cuddle your dog as a sign of love or evolve them in a fetch game when you are outdoors. A dog is more likely to bond with you if they get to know that you love having fun with them.

Dogs like humans also love company. Sharing time and experiences together builds the relationships between two individuals. It would be very hurting if you leave your dog at home alone for a long time. It is advisable to take the dog with you whenever you expect to take too much time before coming back home. You can also ask your neighbor to keep checking on the dog and give them some companionship if you are visiting a place where pets are not allowed.

One way of appreciating your dog is through food. You can show your dog that you care by giving them healthy and tasty foods. Dogs never get enough when it comes to food and they will try to borrow what you are eating even after giving them more than enough. Pill treats for dogs are better than leftovers when rewarding your pet with something different with what they are used to because some foods such as chocolate are dangerous to them. Avoid giving them these foods no matter how they use their eyes to plead.

Your dog is also prone to mistakes as you are. The dog can do something that will upset you but it is not advisable to always lose your temper when such occasions happen. It is important to discipline your dog but being too harsh to them can make them lose their trust in you and damage your relationship. The dog only need simple and consistent communication to understand the behaviors you recommend and what you dislike.