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Veterinarians are trained physicians who deal with animal health. Veterinarians are also known as animal doctors. The veterinarians are known to be well equipped with knowledge concerning animal anatomy and their health concerns. Animal doctors undergo medical training just like human medical doctors. An animal doctor has to undergo the formal education offered in order to be called doctor. Physical and psychological disorders in animals can be treated by veterinarians. Animal diseases that affect animals are diagnosed by the veterinarians. Veterinarians also carry out medical procedures on the sick animals. Physical injuries on animals are treated by veterinarians. Treatment aftermath of animals is accompanied by care which is given to animals by the animal doctors. Physical exercise and nutritional care are among the aftercare practices that vets take their recuperating parents through to ensure that their health is reinstated. Clients can request for washing and cleaning of their pets skins and fur, which can be done by the vets. Soaps and washing detergents manufactured specifically for the veterinary services are used when washing animals. Vets clean animals using special brushes that are gentle enough for the skins and fur of animals. Medical history of sick animals is very essential in the determination of the disease of the animal and thus should be provided by the animal owner during every visit to the vet.

Animals are not verbal and should only be observed physically to help the vet figure out the disease or defect on the animal. Scientific lab experiments can be done in vet labs during the process of diagnosis. Prescriptions are then given and medicines offered for consumption by the sick animal under the observance of the owner or the vet. Nutritional advice and recommendations are given to the pet owners to enhance animal healthy living. Clients find it hard getting right animal feed on stores and thus the problem is solved by vets who stock the animal feeds and sell them to clients. Veterinarians work from vet clinics which are well equipped with the necessary tools and machinery for veterinary practices. Vet clinics are frequented by the owners of sick animals who seek diagnosis and prescriptions. Veterinarians have to travel to the location of the sick animals to treat them in the case where animals are unable to be taken to the vet clinic.

Emergencies happen and veterinarians should be ready to travel with their tools to the area of the emergency. Bone fractures and moments of bearing young ones are the animal emergencies that can happen. Animals in the parks can be tamed and treated by veterinarians. Licensing of the animal doctors is essential to allow them handle animal health.

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